We the People Lead Week of Action Talking Points

Supportive Members of Congress

These MoCs are publicly supportive of democracy reform and other key progressive issues, almost all will be Democrats. For these MoCs, we need to provide positive reinforcement that will inoculate them to bad ideas and messages from conservative Democrats like the so-called Problem Solvers caucus. We need them to stand firm and not accept bad deals with Republicans. This campaign will demonstrate that we will show up for them when they show up for us.

Unreliable Members of Congress

These MoCs may have indicated some support for our issues, but haven’t made a commitment, or they’ve implied that the ideas are “radical.” They probably have a track record of cutting bad deals or voting with Republicans on bad legislation. The strategy for these MoCs is to remind them that we will support them if they listen to their constituents, and their constituents demand democracy reform and big solutions to our pressing issues. This provides political cover for them.

Problematic Members of Congress

These MoCs include most Republicans and a few conservative Democrats, like the Problem Solvers. The Democrats in this category often voted with Trump and the Republicans or cut bad deals. We likely won’t be able to persuade many of these MoCs, but we can publicly show that many of their constituents support these issues which will make it harder for them to dissuade others or stall the process. We can still make them very nervous.

Talking Points

  • We are holding this event because we want our MoC to know: we will not just wait for Trump to leave office as his threat level to our democracy continues to increase. In the wake of the coup attempt at the Capitol, we need to impeach, remove, and disqualify Trump from every holding office to save our democracy. Once we save it, we demand bold, transformative change to reform our democracy and other pressing issues.
  • We resisted the Trump agenda for four years, flipped the House, and defeated Trump. It’s time for Congress to work for us. It’s also crucial that the House and Senate send a strong message that the United States will not tolerate attempts to usurp democracy, now or ever.
  • For Democrats: First and foremost, we expect our MoC to work to impeach, remove, and disqualify Donald Trump from public office. We demand they stand firm in favor of what will help their constituents. If they fight for us—and don’t make bad deals with Mitch McConnell—we will have their back.
  • For Republicans: They must face an explicit choice as to whether or not they will fully and completely reject Trump and Trumpism and ensure that he can never hold elected office again. We need them to stop obstructing progress. We will hold them accountable.
  • We demand our MoCs to take quick action to impeach, remove, and disqualify Donald Trump. Now. The House must act quickly to pass Articles of Impeachment. And the Senate must hold a trial and remove Trump from office and then vote to disqualify him from ever holding federal office again.
  • Our priority is to save our democracy. Our country is facing a number of crises related to the pandemic and so we need Congress to take immediate action to pass a recovery package that puts families first and that meets the challenges we face.
  • We demand our MoCs take quick and bold action to fix our democracy.
  • We got here because our democracy is rigged against the people in favor of the Republicans, the wealthy, and corporations.
  • Specifically: one of the first legislation Democrats pass must be reforms to our democracy. We’re mobilizing to send our MoCs a clear message that we demand they move quickly to pass bold and transformative democracy reforms. Indivisibles spent four years resisting the Trump agenda and doing everything possible to put Democrats in a position to govern. Now we want them to use it to deliver big wins for us, starting with democracy reform.
  • We want H.R. 1, DC statehood, and court reform. To save our democracy, we must pass H.R. 1, The For the People Act, statehood for DC, and rebalance our courts. That’s what we mean by democracy reforms.
  • We demand Congress takes quick and bold action that reflects our values. Indivisibles spent four years resisting the Trump agenda and doing everything possible to remove him from office. Now we want Democrats to use their majority and the power of the White House to deliver big wins for the American people.
  • We will hold every member of Congress accountable. We want every MoC, regardless of party or chamber, to know that we’re watching and expect them to deliver wins for the American people. We’ll hold Republicans accountable for their obstruction, and Democrats if they sacrifice their values.
  • We know the Biden agenda goes through Congress. We will also hold President Biden accountable if he fails to live up to his promises, but Joe Biden needs Congress in order to move his legislative agenda. That’s why we’re focusing on MoCs to make sure they’re fighting for big progressive change at every turn.
  • Review our democracy reform goals:
  • Pass the For the People Act (HR 1), a democracy reform package that would quickly and effectively strengthen our democracy and empower voters.
    • Requires members of Congress, Vice Presidents and Presidents to divest their assets and disclose conflicts of interest, and Presidents and VPs to disclose their tax returns.
    • Institutes strict revolving door requirements to keep corporate lobbyists from moving back and forth into government
    • Fight racial and partisan gerrymandering at all levels of government
    • Institutes public funding for elections to reduce the power of corporate money in government
  • Grant statehood for DC, a key democracy and racial justice issue. DC would be the first majority BIPOC state and would give residents representation in Congress. We want statehood for DC and self-determination for Puerto Rico and other US territories.
  • Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (HR 4), named for the civil rights icon and vital to ending voter suppression
  • Restores the Voting Rights Act and overturning voter ID laws and other suppressive laws that target communities of color
  • Reform the Courts, so we can set the course for a less hyper-partisan process for selecting and appointing judges, undoing the damage to these institutions caused by Trump and McConnell.